Ballroom Dancing - Trends, Techniques, Cool Dance Videos...
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Ballroom Dancing - Trends, Techniques, Cool Dance Videos...

Feet, Floor, Feel, Flight

by Laura Fan on 07/23/14

A great lecture by William Pino.  Too many teachers emphasize "footwork" to merely mean the foot placement on the floor or pick on Toe Heel, Heel Toe, etc.  I was delighted to have come across this lecture on Feet Action & the relationship with the floor.  William Pino is arguably one of the fastest, dynamic and artistic dancers and a ballroom legend.  In this lecture, he thoroughly entertained and provided the most thought provoking materials.  I especially liked the way he used the tap shoes to demonstrate the effects of proper usage of the feet and the improper way of using them :)  As he stated at the end, in order to achieve great dancing, we must research, practice & try.  I shall do just that and work on my feet! Enjoy!

Fabio Selmi WDSF Congress - Verticality & Headweight - Create Proper Shape

by Laura Fan on 07/20/14

The current trend of huge shapes has been getting a bit out of control.  Maestro Fabio Selmi dedicated the following Camp topic to skillfully lead everyone back to the basics & let the Master of Big Shape Mirko Gozzoli demonstrate the proper way of creating Shape using head weight.  That vertical balance cannot be compromised.  I also appreciated that at the beginning, Fabio discussed the 2 centers as I myself am a big proponent of emphasizing the 2nd center (top center). This is the idea that Kamil Szpindowski has been advocating for a long time and I've adopted as my own in my approaching to teaching students in proper leading & following.

Enjoy his congress lecture & the wonderful demos by Mirko & Edita!

Luca Barichhi WDSF Congress on Musicality & Characteristics

by Laura Fan on 07/17/14

What do Judges look for in a couple during dance competition? Why some dancers connect with audience better than others, even though techniques wise might be similar to those around them?

Obviously Movement, Frame, Couple Picture are all important.  However, the legends of ballroom dancing all have one thing in common - their artistry expressed in their Musicality!

It's not difficult to dance on time. It's not difficult to choreograph in accordance to the phrasing of music.  However, to feel it & dance it would be totally a different story.

I recalled one time, Luca Baricchi asked me & my partner - do you know the difference between a Routine and Choreography?  My partner & I looked at each other & we shrugged our shoulders and shook our heads :)

Luca proceeded to answer that Routine is just bunch of steps.  Choreography is when you really dance to the music.  He took us one step further and spent countless hours explaining and teaching us the characteristics of each dance & the musicality behind it.

He presented this topic in a much more condensed version in this precious WDSF Adjudicator Congress (a Lecture for Judges).  Enjoy!