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Ballroom Dancing, Spirituality, and...

Secrets of Natural Walking to be part of Autumn Dance Classic Lecture Series

by Laura Fan on 10/14/15

Please come join me in the 2015 Autumn Dance Classic Lecture Series featuring some of the very best Champions of the different styles of Ballroom Dancing. This would include the current reigning World Professional Standard Champions, Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova, former U.S. National Smooth Champion Olga Foraponova, etc. 

I am particularly honored and excited to be part of this lecture series!  I will be teaching the Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) introduction at 1:00pm to kick off the Lecture Series.  The cost is only $50/person to attend all 7 lectures.

Many dancers suffer pain from incorrect dance postures, strenuous practice or on the floor injuries.  You could benefit from the profound healing modality of Secrets of Natural Walking to untwist your bad habits, prevent injuries, and heal. It will adjust your posture,strengthen core and improve balance to enhance your dancing! SONW is normally conducted in a full day or 2 half days workshops.  This 45 minutes lecture is intended to give an overview of SONW benefits and the basis for the modality.  I will give a couple of tips in this lecture.  My fellow SONW instructors and I will be at the dance competition to give free Walking evaluation, free Reiki Tummo Energy healing, and guided Open Heart Meditation perfect to get you into your Zone for competition.  Please join me for the lecture and look out for our Booth for the extra bonus offerings.

For the lecture series details, please visit:

For a trailer of Secrets of Natural Walking, please check out:

For all Autumn Dance Classic Competition Schedule & Details, please visit

Secrets of Natural Walking™

by Laura Fan on 09/16/15

"Walking is Man's Best Medicine" & "Natural Forces Within Us are the True Healers of Disease"

Hippocrates, Father of the Modern Medicine 460BC- 377 BC  

It is such a blessing to have this physical body to remind us every moment of the Divine gift we have been given.  Our body is created and designed to have natural healing abilities.  The Immune System we have is not a coincidence. It is part of our natural physical make up and design. 

However, through the external environment and conditioning with improper food intake, visual reception and other factors, many modern human beings have suffered from physical ailments.  No one in any age group is immune or invincible to diseases.

Many healing modalities have been introduced before our time -whether it be ancient medicine such as Acupuncture, Reflexology,  Herbal Concoction or Alternative Energy Medicine.  Nowadays, we have Western remedies that can be as toxic to our health as healing.

Thus we bring back the fundamentals.  How can we restore the Natural Healing System of this physical body with the most intricate design to heal itself?

We are designed to Walk, Eat and Rest.  What if we could take every step in our daily life to bring about total healing, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally?  Proper Diet and Rest, of course, would be part of the package,  but there is a secret that most people are not aware of and that is embedded in our Walking!

Secrets of Natural Walking™ is a healing modality, founded by Irmansyah Effendi of the Natural Way of Living.  This modality enables us to take each step and allow the natural adjustments in our body to take place  to re-activate and rejuvenate our body to bring about total well being.

The basis of the Secrets of Natural Walking  (SONW) is quite simple.  We have energy meridians throughout our body and reflexology zones on the soles of our feet that can be stimulated and connects to our entire physical body. When we have negativity accumulated from emotions, stress, improper diet or rest, etc., our body's system will end up having blockages.  The proper flow of energy as well as blood circulation, proper gland functioning, etc., will be disrupted, thus resulting in physical ailments. 

SONW is comprised of 6 Keys to 1 single step of Walking.  Each key when executed properly, allows for reflexology zone & meridians stimulation and natural adjustment to our skeletal structure as well as internal organs.  During the adjustments, toxins and blockages will be cleansed and removed with natural healing energy in our own body through Meridians, Reflexology Zones, Nadi,  and our Chakras, some of the non-physical structures which are embedded in our body.

The true secret of SONW is that it is NOT a man made skill.  But the proper of way of Walking is only known to our Inner Spiritual Heart. It is as physical healing modality as it is spiritual.  Unlike Walking meditation or other forms of Walking Modality, this form of practice is purely Heart Based vs. Mind Base.  It focuses on the feeling and connection to our internal Higher Consciousness vs. mind focus which is limited as it's still controlled by our human brain.

Since its formal introduction in January 2014, over 200 instructors have been trained and certified globally, and thousands of participants have attended and reaped the benefits of SONW in over 16 countries globally.

Many of the phenomenal testimonials can be viewed at

Some of the Before & After photos can be seen below.

My own testimonial was that I suffered from digestive system disorders on and off for a few years.  Between July & October,  the symptoms got heightened that I sought medical help.  Doctors ordered blood tests and ultrasound exams. I even went as far as being on a complete strict diet following a low FODMAP diet. (

Blood tests showed abnormality in many areas, including blood count, liver enzymes, etc., but nothing was conclusive. Diet didn't seem to help either.

I practiced SONW daily diligently for 1.5 hours for 2 months. By December 2014, my blood test results returned to normal and my digestive system symptoms disappeared.  In January 2015, I decided to become a certified SONW teacher to share this modality that restored my health.

SONW has become main stream in Indonesia.  Below is a small testimonial clip from a recent TV interview of our founder Irmansyah and 2 participants:

Some highlights of testimonials from SONW workshop participants include:

"Djohan Lie

Profile: 48 year old diabetic and suffered stroke 5 years ago, receiving 2x/day insulin injection + different therapies

Results from SONW:

Practiced SONW for 1 week full for 45 mins

Blood sugar level improved.

Practiced SONW 1.5 hours daily for 2 months

doctor announced that can stop injecting insulin. "


Profile: 9 years old spinal injury with a disc dislocation, wearing a metal brace for a year and for 8 years couldn’t lay flat on the back. Constantly in pain when lying down.

Results from SONW:

During  the workshop, a shift took place in the  spinal disc and just after 3 weeks of daily practice, the dislocated spine was back in place, and the pain disappeared. "


"Grace Fan

Profile: Mid 60's with high blood pressure. Doctor advised to go on medication.

Results from SONW:

2 months of daily 45 minutes practice, blood pressure returned to normal, never went on medication"

Before & After Photos of what SONW can do for our body's posture and flexibility:


Wun Hun Moi (Singapore) 85 years old

 Pat (Australia) - After 6 months of practice

more hunchback re-alignment testimonials are at:!spine/c10a8

Laura Fan SONW Instructor San Francisco Bay Area

Before photo was taken in 2007 during  her peak condition as a Yoga instructor

After photo taken in 2015 after a long break in Yoga practice 2008-2014.  When resuming Yoga practice, the after photo was taken with SONW's supplement to improve flexibility.

Blackpool 2015 Under 21 Standard

by Laura Fan on 05/27/15

Blackpool is here.  Thanks to DSI London, there has been free live stream of 2nd round of most events.  I watched the Under 21 Standard early round (click on the image and you should be able to view the entire round with many heats) and was very impressed.  China consistently produced quality couples.  It's hard to believe what I was seeing as many couples exhibited maturity of the Amateurs.  This was most evident in the Waltz & Foxtrot.  Lots of nice swing with dynamic fluid dancing. Some young couples have good musicality.  Movement is beautiful & especially smooth in the Slow Foxtrot.  The future is looking very good for International Standard.  I was originally concerned as most amateurs competed only in WDSF events. But watching Blackpool restored my faith that no matter what politics are at play, the dancing continues to develop.  Talented couples are being developed properly.  Very good news :)

Happy 2015 Secrets of Natural Walking Modality & Workshops

by Laura Fan on 01/15/15

I would like to share with you on a very beautiful work called "Secrets of Natural Walking" (SONW). 

We've spent probably more than 25% of our lives in walking.  Do you know that every step we take has a significant impact on our whole physical being? 

We have many meridians & reflexology zones on our feet and throughout of our body. Most of us probably have visited Chiropractor, Massage Therapist or "Body Worker' at least once in our lifetime, if not on a regular basis. That price ain't cheap! :)

We endure a lot of stress at work or at home, etc. This would cause tension in our body and create blockages. Then we wondered why we'd wake up in the morning in pain!  The way we currently walk, if not proper, will also create blockages and may result in illnesses. SONW will help remove blockages by stimulating the meridians, reflexology zones, etc. in our body to allow the natural healing process to take place.

I am very excited to share with you that, since Secrets of Natural Walking has been launched, in the shortest amount of time, we've gathered amazing if not miraculous testimonials.  We have people who suffered hunchback for decades now have straight spine after only few weeks or months of practice, people who suffered arthritis to have the symptoms completely disappear, Diabetic patients who went from 4 insulin shots to 1 per day, and the most pleasant & unexpected one is probably the 'beautifying'/body sculpting and anti-aging effects SONW has on the body. Many have reported body shape change to be more proportional or even lose weight. Almost all have reported in looking more radiant and youthful.

The list of testimonials juts goes on & on & you can visit our website to view more:

My own success story would be the healing of my digestive system which I have severe symptoms for years and had been put through Ultra Sound, Endoscopy and many blood tests.  I went through major diet change and I've been a very fit person to begin with, but attained very minimal results.  I started to practice SONW diligently for a period of time and am now very happy to share that my symptoms have disappeared!  My recent blood tests showed everything went back to normal range.  Between October and December timeframe - that's how fast my blood test results went from out of normal range to normal and the symptoms eradicated.

I am now a certified SONW instructor and there're 2 upcoming workshops I will be co-teaching with another instructor, one on January 24 in Greenville NC and another one on February 15 in Berkeley, CA.

The workshop is normally 1 full day or 2 half days. Cost of the workshop is only $150.

In this workshop, we'll discuss the Keys of Natural Walking. Each step has several keys. With each key, if executed properly, the natural adjustments can happen on your body.  Meridians & Reflexology zones will be stimulated and activated.  The Natural Healing system can be reactivated and will improve, if not restore your health to the optimum.

When muscles are engaged naturally and properly in each of the key of every step, it will tone your muscles & sculpt your body.

Since I'm a Ballroom Dance instructor, I have to put a plug in for improving Body Awareness and Balance to achieve Natural Dancing.  Practicing SONW has made me much more aware of how my body is coordinated and enable fluidity in my dancing. Throughout the SONW workshop, I'll give a few bonus points on how it applies to one's ballroom dancing, for those who might be interested.

On the spiritual side, practicing SONW will help you let go more of your holding.  Your breathing will be more free and your mind more calm.  There is a deeper spiritual connection to the Divine as well.

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, there's very much little to lose to try it.  The modality has already been featured on prime time National TV in Indonesia. Please see the following youtube link. The subtitles will be coming soon:

Please send me email at or to let me know if you'd be interested in learning more about the workshop or registering for an upcoming workshop, or suggest a date for future Raleigh/Durham/Cary or Bay Area or any other area workshops :)

Love & Light

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

by Laura Fan on 12/25/14

Time flies when we're having fun! Very grateful for an eventful 2014. Looking forward to a joyful 2015 and wishing everyone happiness, health and prosperity.

Dance development has been very interesting in the past few years.  Truly wonder what's going to be in the bag for 2015 :)  New Professional partnerships in the WDC end & I look forward to them - Domen Krapez & Natasha Karabey, Valerio Colantoni & Monica Nigro!

Enjoy my Christmas tribute to the past legends & current rising stars - it was quite a chore to find these stars' performance with the appropriate Xmas theme costumes :)